Slide Apartment

By reducing the area of ​​the living room bedroom was increased to 30m2, and place in the dining room by a sliding table for 4-9 people. The original layout of the one-bedroom apartment seemed to us irrational: a large hall with six doors, a small polygonal living room-kitchen, bedroom extended. In this regard, it was decided to rethink the space of the entire apartment.

In the bedroom, which takes only 6 m2, has a mattress width of 1800mm, the podium with drawers for bed linen, a small shelf – locker in the head, coat hooks and a mirror. In addition to parents and children’s bedrooms in the apartment allocated dressing room and guest bathroom is used as well as a laundry service. The apartment is generally solved in neutral colors . Laconic interior decoration is maintained by working with large planes materials.

This work is by INT2 architecture, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Client: Cat Stevens Date: May 2013 Website: