Politics March 20, 2016

Occupying Democracy

by Press75

We have recently seen the massive expense of the political system on all levels, and we have joined forces to fight for our democracy. We refuse to let our future be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder.
When the focus of our candidates has to be on raising money, it takes time away from working with the people on the actual critical issues.
The future of our democracy cannot be for sale. Politicians must represent the people who elected them, not those who donated to their campaigns. All of the challenges that the American people face are grossly influenced by money in politics, and that is why we strongly support a constitutional amendment to restore our democracy and protect the people of this great nation.
A very broad coalition is uniting around this vital issue and it is just a matter of time before we reach critical mass. With the help of theGOOD community, we can soon reach a tipping point that forces historic political change.
Thousands of working groups are spread throughout the country, organizing toward the same goal: ending the corrupt culture that has consumed our government by getting money out of politics.
Ending the auction of our democracy has clearly emerged as a unifying issue, and it is at the root of the many problems that we are currently working to solve. Whatever issue is of most concern to you—healthcare, education, taxes, debt, war, environment, jobs, etc—it has become self-evident that the underlying cause of that particular problem is the corrupting influence of money in politics.
Through a system of legalized bribery—campaign finance, lobbying, and the revolving door between Washington and the most powerful global corporations—our government has devolved into a rigged system of exploitation.
It doesn’t matter what your political views are—left, right, center, democrat, republican, independent, conservative, liberal, progressive, libertarian, anarchist, communist, capitalist, socialist—if you believe in self-governance, self-determination, freedom, and justice, then ridding our governmental process of the corrupting influence of money must be an urgent strategic priority.

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