Science, Video March 13, 2016

The Price of Gas

by Press75

To tackle climate change, Our Horizon argues, we need everyone on board, both to change behavior on a mass scale and to advocate for better systems. In the end, they say, it’s not just that government or big business isn’t doing enough; we’re all responsible:

Unlike many not-for-profits, we do not blame BP [for the Deepwater Horizon spill]. Our position is that we each share in the responsibility for this tragedy. It is the decisions that we each make on a daily basis that shape our collective reality and make such a tragedy possible. We do not condemn Shell, Exxon, or even Enbridge. We are responsible.

It is only when we acknowledge our role in this unsustainable system that we can begin to take meaningful steps to address it. While it may be a little scary, it can also be empowering. It is in realizing that we are the masters of our own fate that we become empowered to create a much more desirable future.

Though this project started in Canada, it could make sense anywhere. Visit Our Horizon to suggest your own label design.


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